Review – Vegan Menu At Zizzi

zizzi vegan menu reviewzizzi review vegan menuzizzi vegan menu review 1

I had a fantastic meal out at Zizzi with some work colleagues the other night and thought I would share with you my thoughts on the vegan menu.

I went all out with 3 courses, starting with Vegan Bruschetta. It had a lovely mix of cherry tomatoes, garlic and red onion which was drizzled with olive oil and some green pesto. I really enjoyed this, though it could of done with a little more pesto but it was still delicious.

I had already had a slice of pizza that day so I chose the Vegan Spaghetti Pomodoro with added spinach and mushrooms for my main. I have to say this was a little disappointing as there wasn’t a lot of veg in it and for £10 it was just a big bowl of spaghetti with a tomato sauce. Don’t get me wrong it was tasty but I could of made something more exciting at home.

Luckily I ended the 3 course with a bang by having the Sticky Chocolate and Praline Torte. This is a dairy free chocolate torte with a date, walnut and hazelnut base. It also had a coconut and chocolate gelato on the side. My mouth is watering just thinking about this again, it was one of the nicest desserts I have ever eaten. It was really rich but not too sickly it certainly made up for the not so great main.

Overall I am impressed with the Zizzi vegan menu, I have had the vegan pizza from there before and really enjoyed it so I won’t be straying from that again.
The starter and dessert really made it for me and I would highly recommend checking out Zizzi if you haven’t yet.

What is your thoughts on the Zizzi vegan menu?

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