Vegan Chocolate – The Raw Chocolate Co.

vegan chocolate review the raw chocolate co

I have been eyeing up The Raw Chocolate Co chocolate for sometime now but it is a bit more difficult to get hold of compared to other vegan chocolate.
I finally tracked down two of their bars and I am really pleased I did as they are delicious.

The Raw Organic Salted Vanoffee Hazelnut bar is the closet thing I have found to diary chocolate so far. It has that smooth creamy taste and texture. No dark chocolate taste in sight here. This has obviously got a touch of hazelnut and salt to it but it isn’t to overpowering. There is a plain vanoffee flavour too which I am itching to try now as this was so good.

The second bar from The Raw Chocolate Co I tried was the Raw Organic Goji and Orange Chocolate bar. In my head this was going to have pieces of goji berries in but it doesn’t, it is completely smooth. It has the flavour of goji which works amazingly well with the orange.
Even though this is a dark chocolate the goji and orange makes it really sweet and completely takes away the bitter dark chocolate taste you can get.

If you are missing milk chocolate I highly recommend giving these a try, I for sure will be trying others from the brand.

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