Review – Lush Cleanses

review lush cleansers

The obsession with lush is still going strong and I’ve recently switched my cleansers over to ones from them.

There are many to choose from so it was a bit daunting to chose but one of the lovely members of staff in my local store was great at helping me find what I was after.

I always double cleanse in the evening so wanted a cleanser that removed my makeup and the Lush 9 to 5 cleanser was recommend.
It is almond oil based cream cleanser that traditionally is used with cotton pads but I actually remove it with a hot flannel as I don’t use cotton pads for many reasons.
This is a really gentle but effective cleanser, I apply it to dry skin and gently massage to loosen any make up I have on. It is even gentle enough to use on the eyes and gets rid of stubborn mascara. I then take a hot damp flannel and gently remove the cleanser and make up.

I follow this up with a second cleanse using the Lush Fresh Farmacy Soap. As the name suggests this is a bar of soap but is gentle enough to use on your face. It has chamomile, elderflower, calamine and lavender in it to soothe and calm the skin whilst still giving you a good cleanse.
It is simple to use, I just dampen my hands and lather the soap in them before massaging it into my skin, I then take my flannel again to remove it.
My skin feels clean after using Fresh Farmacy without feeling dry and I’m really impressed with how effective yet gentle this cleanser is.

Overall I am really pleased with the two cleansers I picked up and I certainly will be repurchasing them when they run out.

Do you use any skincare from Lush?

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