Review – The Nourish Co

I met up with my friend Vicki for a catch up yesterday and we went to a lovely place called The Nourish Co for some brunch.
I recently discovered The Nourish Co after downloading the app Happy Cow and it has been on my list to try out.
It is a dainty little cafe with an all vegan menu full of great breakfast and lunch options.

the nourish co review

I decided to go for the Breakfast roll and also picked up a slice of matcha cheesecake to takeaway with me.
The breakfast roll was delicious, it had smoked bacon aubergine in which I had never tried before but will be again for sure. It is  something I am going to have to try recreating at home it was that good. The combination of that with the spinach, avocado and tomato was a great combo.
I enjoyed the matcha cheesecake later on in the day, it was creamy and you could really taste the matcha which I enjoyed. It was certainly one of those ‘healthy’ cheesecakes so not something I would go for if I wanted to indulge but still tasty.
Vicki went for the Coconut and Cacao nib porridge which looked amazing, really creamy and perfect for the cold day we were experiencing.

review the nourish co 2review the nourish coreview the nourish co 3review the nourish co 4

I was impressed with The Nourish Co, the prices were reasonable and the food was scrumptious. I can’t wait to go back to try more of the menu., the lunch options sound incredible.
They are also moving to a bigger premises as the place is tiny but seemed very busy which is fantastic!
If you are from the Colchester area I would highly recommend checking The Nourish Co out.

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