My Favourite Plant Milks.

Favourite plant based milk

I have used plant milk instead of dairy milk for years even before I gave up meat so I  thought I would share with you some of my favourites as I have tried a fair few.

Oatly Barista has to be my all time favourite and by how hard it is to get hold of at the moment I think its a lot of other peoples favourite too.
Oatly is an amazing brand from Sweden who make products that everyone will love whilst trying to help the planet! Everything I have tried from Oatly has been amazing but their Barista oat milk is one of the best. This is amazing on cereal, in tea the lot but it also froths up amazingly to make the best coffee.

Rebel Kitchen is another conscious brand that stock many plant based products. Their dairy free Mylk is a fairly new discovery of mine but it quickly has become a favourite. I love the fact you can get full fat, semi skimmed and skimmed versions of the Mylk and I have found to consistency the closet to dairy milk.
It is made up of Coconut Cream, himalayan salt, brown rice, cashews and nutritional yeast and depending on which version you go for it has slightly more or less coconut cream in it.
It does have a slight hint of a coconut taste which I enjoy but something to bear in mind if you’re not a coconut fan.

Another coconut based plant milk and one I have just discovered in the last few days is Koko Dairy Free Unsweetened. This is a low sugar version of their original which I haven’t tried so can’t compare. This again doesn’t have a strong taste of coconut and has a similar texture to skimmed dairy milk. I have been enjoying this with granola and fruit the last couple of days, it is also delicious in coffee.

I think it is fantastic to see so many alternatives and choices of plant based milk on the market now. More and more brands are bringing milks out, I keep saying it but it is a great time to be vegan.

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