Vegan Chocolate – Hotel Chocolat.

Review - vegan hotel chocolatvegan hotel chocolat review

I am a huge chocoholic and one of the things I thought would be hard when becoming vegan was finding chocolate I would enjoy. This of course meant I was on a mission to try ALL the vegan chocolate, you know for research purposes.
I have noticed that people ask a lot on Facebook groups what vegan chocolate people would recommend so I thought I would do a series of posts reviewing the vegan chocolate I have tried.

With that the first chocolate I want to review is the Hotel Chocolat dark chocolate. This is a new discovery of mine and I have to say I am impressed. I never used to be a huge dark chocolate lover but I have found my taste buds have changed and I do appreciate some good dark chocolate these days.

The Hazelnut 70% has whole roasted hazelnuts in which goes lovely with the dark chocolate which isn’t too bitter.
Same with the 70% Salted Dark you get this lovely subtle saltiness which compliments the dark chocolate well.

If you are a dark chocolate fan I would 100% check the vegan range from Hotel Chocolat. I love how they label their chocolate vegan but state that it is made in the same place as the milk chocolate in case of allergies.

What is your favourite chocolate? Any others I should check out from Hotel Chocolat?

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