Recipe – Veggie Pesto Tart.

I wanted to share this really simple recipe for the Vegan Veggie Pesto Tart I make. I love making this in advanced to have for lunches when I’m at work. It is quick and easy to make and delicious paired with many things.

All you need is some Just Roll Puff Pastry, Vegan Pesto (I used the Jamie Oliver Chilli and Garlic Pesto this time but I also like the Zest Pesto) and what ever vegetables you want on top.

To make, just roll the pastry on a tray, spread the pesto on leaving a half inch gap at the edge. I then sprinkled chopped garlic, slices of aubergine, courgette, mushrooms and onion on top.
I then place into the oven on 180 for 20-30 mins until the vegetables are cooked and the pastry is golden.

This make 4 servings and I like to serve it up with salad or greens. If I am feeling super hungry I sometimes add new potatoes too.
Like I said a really simple recipe that can be changed up quite a bit, you can add any vegetables, even add tomato puree and vegan cheese for a more pizza vibe.

Let me know if you give this a try?

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