Review – Pizza Hut Vegan Pizza!

I heard a while back that Pizza Hut were bringing vegan cheese to their menu but the first time I went my local restaurant hadn’t got it in. Thankfully when I visited yesterday vegan cheese is now on the menu. They use Violife cheese which is one I use at home and enjoy so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

I decided to choose my toppings as none of the pizzas on the menu appealed to me. I went for deep pan with the Violife cheese, spinach, mushroom and caramelised onion!

You get to take advantage of the salad bar with every order so I also got myself a big bowl of salad, with some cous cous and French dressing. There was lots of vegan choices not just the veg, even the bacon bits are vegan!

Everything was delicious, the cheese tasted just like violife I use at home, it had melted well and their was plenty on there. I like the fact I could choose my toppings or you can just change the cheese on the pizzas from the menu. It is £1 extra for the vegan cheese which I do understand as it must be more expensive to stock.

Overall I really enjoyed my Pizza Hut experience and I am so pleased there is choice for Vegans. It is great that so many chains are providing vegan options now, it shows how much things are changing!

Have you tried the vegan options at Pizza Hut? Where other places should I check out?

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