Recycling Tetra Pak.

I have become a bit of a recycling queen over the last year, as a house hold of 4 we are down to one bin bag a week and it will be a lot less once my little one is out of nappies.

One thing I have discovered is my local council do not collect Tetra Pak packaging from your home for recycling. This is the things like plant milk and juice cartons! I think due to the type of packaging not everywhere has the facilities to recycle it.

This got me investigating and I have discovered there are bins you can take these to be recycled. I have 5 places locally to me that I can recycle Tetra Pak all located at supermarkets so I just collect a bag up of used cartons and take it with me for recycling when I go food shopping. No excuse not too! It may take a little more effort to take them to the recycling bins but think how much rubbish we are stopping going to landfill!

If you are unsure where to recycle Tetra Pak you can find if your local area recycle here.

Do you recycle?

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