Three Cook Books Every New Vegan Needs.


I do love a good cook book and they have been a lifesaver on my journey to becoming vegan. I already have quite a few, (with a long list of more I would like to purchase) so I thought I would share with you the top three I currently have that would be great for any new vegan.

I was unsure what to expect from Feed Me Vegan by Lucy Watson but I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised. All the meals are simple to make and don’t include any crazy ingredients that are hard to find. A lot of the recipes are traditional meals like lasagna,  cheese burgers, mac & cheese, pancakes and even chocolate cake but all have been veganised.
I think this would make the perfect book for someone who is interested in trying more vegan recipes it is a great example that you are not deprived on a vegan diet and you can still enjoy all the classic meals.
I picked Feed Me Vegan up from The Works for £6, I encourage even omnivores to check it out.

Keep It Vegan has slightly fancier recipes than Feed Me Vegan but they are still simple with not too many ingredients.
As well as recipes Aine Carlin talks about how she became vegan, the health benefits of eating a vegan diet and what store cupboard essentials you need. I found this really beneficial especially as a new vegan.
There is a good mix of recipes in the book from breakfast, light snacks, dinners and desserts.
You can also purchase Keep It Vegan in The Works for £5.

I am sure a lot of you have heard of Deliciously Ella, she started out with a blog and now has numerous books, products and deli’s in London. I have loved her first book since it came out a few years ago and it inspired me to start eating more plant based meals. I received Deliciously Ella Everyday for Christmas and I am enjoying it as much as the first.
Ella isn’t completely vegan but her recipes are all plant based and the only thing you usually have to swap is honey for maple syrup/agave. If you are looking for a healthier cook book this is the one to go for, all the recipes are designed to nourish your body with good wholesome foods.
There are a good mixture of recipes, from quick dinners, to weekend meals to share with friends as well as salads, breakfast options and sweet treats.
Deliciously Ella is slightly more expensive than the other two at £14.99 and I would say some of the recipes are a little more complex but so worth the effort.

Do you have any of these books? What is your favourite cook book?

3 thoughts on “Three Cook Books Every New Vegan Needs.

  1. My boyfriend got me ‘Feed Me Vegan’ for Christmas, because he knows I eat plant-based. But I like to eat healthier as well, so it wasn’t really the best book for me. I love the Deliciously Ella one that you suggested though. I also love EAT SMART by Naomi Smart – it’s all plantbased but she might use honey- which as you said, someone could substitute.

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  2. I have found so many incredible vegan and veg-friendly cookbooks in nearly six years since switching overnight from omnivore to one day as vegetarian and the next day vegan. Vegan Planet, Vegan Brunch, Superfood Smoothies, Isa Does It, Plant-Powered for Life, Straight Up Food, Veganomicon, Vegan Eats World. Veg-friendly cookbooks include these: Shroom ( each chapter has five recipes of three difficulty levels for a single type mushroom); Salsas and Moles; Asian Pickles. So much to explore and having tons of fun doing it!


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