Easy Vegan Pizza.


My mission when transitioning to veganism was to find alternatives to all my favourite foods, pizza being one of them. I wasn’t worried about it being ‘healthy’ I just wanted it to hit the pizza craving spot!

The hardest thing to replace is cheese as I find vegan cheese isn’t that great but when it’s loaded on a pizza with lots of veg and a tomato sauce base it’s pretty good. I used the Sainsbury’s caramelised onions free from cheddar on this pizza but the violife cheese is pretty good too!

For the base I’ve been using the Lidl garlic pizza bread and topping it with what ever takes my fancy, but you can find loads of bases that are vegan or even make your own which is pretty simple.

img_6852img_6853img_6854If you really want to cheat the asda build your own pizza bases are vegan, so you can get one without cheese and add vegan cheese when you get home!

Let me know if you give this a try? What meal have you veganised?

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