What To Expect?


Publishing the first post to a blog is a bit nerve wracking so I thought I would give you an insight on what to expect from The Conscious Herbivore, share a little about myself and how this blog came about.

I used to write a beauty blog called Brightowngirl but stopped when I had my little girl Molly. I loved blogging but struggled to find the time for it and lost my motivation to carry on writing.
In 2017 I started to find me again, reminding myself that I am not just ‘Mummy’. I started looking after myself, dusted off my trainers to go running, cooking delicious healthy meals and every so often putting myself first.
This is when I discovered Zanna who you may have heard of, she is a fitness blogger with a true passion for living consciously. Zanna has inspired me to be more mindful and lead a more sustainable life which led to me giving up meat and I now eat a plant based diet about 85% of the time.

All this has lead onto me creating The Conscious Herbivore where I will be sharing my journey of living a more conscious and compassionate life. My plan is to blog about my lifestyle in general, share plant based recipes, review restaurants, share the best places to find vegan food, talk about my favourite cruelty free products, review books I am reading, tips on living a sustainable life, how to be more mindful and everything else relating to these things.

I hope you find The Conscious Herbivore interesting and I look forward to sharing my journey with you.
Other places to find me.

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